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Sound the alarm I AM BLOGGING! Or at least attempting to so bare with me. After a couple of 70 degree days we are finally saying goodbye to yet another long (typical) Maine winter Advertisements

A Blogger I am not.

Like so many of you…in life I have placed several titles alongside my name.  

Choose Your Happiness

Becoming parents came into our life as a bit of a surprise.  It was not along the timeline that we had envisioned. 

I want to do it all

Trying to throw together a post to share and I have to be honest with you I am hitting a sturdy brick wall. 

Home Sweet Home & Happy Fall

Changing colors, cozy sweaters, cinnamon scented candles, pumpkin spiced lattes….just a few of the things on why I love Fall time

So why I decided to blog….

Alright so here goes nothing…again.  After having had been on Instagram for a short period of time and finding such enjoyment in sharing snapshots of our days along with interacting with friends and meeting new ones along the way, I decided to take a chance and dip my toes into the blogging world. Intrigued by the thought of a creative outlet for myself and […]