A Blogger I am not.

Like so many of you…in life I have placed several titles alongside my name.  Motherhood especially has played a significant role in contributing to the numerous different hats placed upon my head.
I am a mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend, nurturer, home manager, chauffer…the list goes on and on.  But first and foremost I am human…I am a person.

I have aspiration of living up to my personal expectations of myself and all I sought out to be.  I try to do my best and strive for each new day being better than the last…for myself, my children and family. So when I decided to dip my toes into this blogging venture without an idea of where I was going with it all nor where I wanted it to go the one thing for certain I knew was…I just want to enjoy whatever it is I am doing. Pure joy from ME was quickly revealed to me to be such a fun outlet…even if I was pretty clueless to it all.

Connecting with many other bloggers new and experienced (and I mean legit bloggers…you know the ones with the letter K behind their number of followers!).  I got a glimpse into their behind the scenes work that goes into blogging, I was amazed by the time and devotion these wonderful ladies were putting into their work that I once considered “just a hobby”.  I asked numerous questions, pried their brains, studied their ways, asked for help in forms of constructive criticism of my work…and yet I was still not steering myself with confidence.  Trying to be authentic and bold in a world of so many creative ways.

  As time went on I found myself often reevaluating my goals, intentions, and purpose.  With still lots to learn I treaded these new open waters cautiously…even referring to myself as rookie blogger.  I was patient with myself, maybe even a little too patient. Waiting for a spark to ignite that in actuality I was unsure whether would even light at all.  I was inconsistent with my blogging.  I lacked confidence in my networking skills. Some days my motivation was next to none.  Slowly a wall was being formed blocking my path and the builder was my own self.  Here goes the thinking wheel cranking away again and after much thought I came to the conclusion that maybe simply a blogger I am not.


I love to share.

I love to create.

I love to engage with others.

Yes…I have a blog that I truly find enjoyment in…when I actually sit down to it that is. Yes…I enjoy spending time on slowly developing it and navigating my way through it at my own pace.  But at this current time I am also conscious that I am definitely not a true blogger.

Blogger…a person who keeps a Web log (blog) or publish an online diary.

Blog…a website containing a writer’s or group of writer’s own experiences, observations, opinions, etc., and often having images & links to other websites.

I am a person who loves to enjoy life. I am a person who loves to capture moments and share with you all…and that is exactly what I will continue doing. Whether I consider myself a blogger or not I will proudly wear my hat of a sharer.  Sharing glimpses into our lives and all I enjoy brings me pleasure.  Along the way…day by day we will see where this journey takes me.

“The hardest step she ever took was to blindly trust in who she was.” -Atticus

I hope you all stick around as I play my own captain through this fun adventure that a blogger I am not, but everything else I may be.




One comment

  1. Well first and foremost I think you need to give yourself more credit. But that’s just me :-). I truly love this and the Insight you reveal As You Are seeming to discover more and more about yourself and what makes you tick and what’s important. You really do inspire me friend. And whatever else whenever you choose to share you know I’ll be reading!


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