I want to do it all

Trying to throw together a post to share and I have to be honest with you I am hitting a sturdy brick wall. 
These last few weeks with the kids back to school and activities hitting an all time high, trying to juggle it all has left me drowning from time to time during these “chaotic” days we are living in.

In moments of overwhelmness I don’t necessarily find myself feeling low, but needing to lay low for a moment or two in order to regroup my thoughts.

Then there it was (light bulb)…my next new post.  I will share ME…meaning myself, moi, me, I.  First off I just want to say that I am not a writer and I will never claim to be (even if I did begin this blog).  Though I am an over thinker. I am a wife, a mom, a daughter, a sister, a friend…a human being.  I want to be it all, feel it all and I want to do it all…but as we all know that is just simply not realistic.

Or is it?

  With my newly solo days and free time, I finally felt that I have made it to Easy Street in Parenthoodville (let’s be clear no such place exist in this journey).  Because with every phase in life we enter…there is good there is bad, there are ups there are downs and ease does not come with out a few new stumbles.

  Parenthood…has brought strength out of me I didn’t know existed and has turned me weak and vulnerable all at the same time.  Grateful for a strong marriage (though these days we are passing by one another shuttling children from one place to the next), 4 healthy happy children and a roof over our heads, but I will never deny that raising them is the hardest job I will ever have.  A job that pulls me in every direction (mentally & physically) and can often be difficult to give all of myself 100% of the time, though it is the same job I would never want to quit.

So in saying I want to do it all…I do not necessarily mean being supermom with the tidiest Martha Stewart home, the healthiest meals always prepared and at all times schedules running smoothly with a smile on my face. Through our days, our juggling acts and times of giving giving giving…I want to strive to doing it all within myself as simply a good happy hearted person.

  I want to speak the truth from my heart, but know when to bite my tongue.  I want to share & be sociable, but know my balance on when to take a step back and detach from the noise. I want to be silly and laugh, but also responsible.  I want to give 110% as a wife and mom, but know I can not always do it all.  I want to be strong, soft, kind, happy…I want to be it all!

“I am working on learning how to be whole and free within myself, to acknowledge my brokenness, manifest my own happiness, and succeeded and fail gracefully.”  -Beau Tapin/Human

This blog is not just an outlet to share my words and thoughts, but to inspire others and mainly my children to not sleep walk through life.  Grab a hold of it and live it with all you have.  Fight through the struggles, don’t stay down when you stumble. Always be you…work hard, love harder and you will always come out seeing the light. Live with a kind heart, but always be strong to yourself.

 Life is crazy & chaotic…Life is amazing & cruel.  Life can be so confusing, there are so many rules, yet there are no rules…write your own rules.

  So often the world is spinning around us and like so many I am trying to hold on as tightly and gracefully as possible. I know I am not alone when feeling overwhelmed, but to remember that the key in life is to not just see happiness, but feel it all at the same time.  May we remind ourselves to take that deep breath and know we are all enough. Things may slip through our fingers more often then not, but with happiness, health, family, friends and good energy…we are…doing it all.




  1. Marvelous thoughts my friend. So glad you shared this.


    1. purejoyfromme · · Reply

      Patricia I can not thank you enough for your support. I have so much to learn and grow in this process and I greatly appreciate your friendship! Xx

      Liked by 1 person

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