Give me all the Plaid

What is it about fall fashion that has this Maine girl all excited!?!

As if I even have to ask! The boots, the jeans, sweaters & ponchos, scarves & hats, what else could
I be missing? Oh that’s right…how could one forget {drumroll please}…all the P L A I D S.

What look screams out the transition to cooler temperatures better then plaids.

I don’t know about you, but when I hear the word plaid my instant thought of the traditional greens and blue checkered pattern comes to mind.  If you’re a Mainah I am sure you can agree with me when I say that a certain classic L.L. Bean shirt is the first thought!  There are so many different pattern styles and colors in the plaid family…we can not even begin to list them all.


{Rancher Hat}

  Why do I love plaid so much…it’s clean, it’s classic, its classy…it holds so many versatile looks depending on how one chooses to wears this timeless pattern.  Here are a few pieces that you will find in my closet all ready for this beautiful season that is upon us!

The most classic plaid

Not your traditional plaid

Buffalo Plaid…yes please

You have me wrapped around..

A peek of plaid

Plaids needs sleep too

Fall perfect plaid

Quilted & Plaid…I’ll take one




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